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History: community links - Veronica Stonehouse: Growing up during World War 2

2021 - Heron Class (Year Three) were learning about what life was like for children and adults growing up during World War II. They had lots of questions and luckily we know a very special lady who has lots of memories about her life during the war - Mrs Veronica Stonehouse (Vera).
Vera was born on the 22nd September 1921

I was born in Byker, Back Shields Road. I don’t know if it is still there, I think they built a 
road through it. I don't have any photos of when I was very young as people did not have cameras or funny little phones like they have today. I was always taken to the photo studio when I had some new clothes'
During the COVID-19 pandemic Vera was isolating in her cottage in Catton, Northumberland.
Heron class made a video of their questions and sent them to Vera. She may have been 99 when they sent her their video but she has kept up with technology and sent back some video clips with her answers - they are fascinating!
There are some photos of Vera below at the Stannington Centenary Festival of Remembrance in November 2018
Heron class had lots of questions for Vera about her life during World War II