The Hoity Toity Angel

What a fantastic performance of ‘The Hoity Toity Angel’ the children gave this afternoon!  It was definitely their best performance today, they all tried so hard and did very well in remembering the words of all the songs and their lines.  Our Hoity Toity Angel was definitely a star, well done Jess! Other brilliant soloists included Mary (Milan-Beau) and Connal (King Herod), together with Gabriel, Gabrielle and the Lead Angel (Kingsley, Beth and Mia), all stars in the making.  All the children were outstanding in their roles, I’m so proud of them all! Thanks to all the children and the staff for their hard work in producing this play.  The hamper raffle was also drawn this afternoon, I couldn’t believe that we had made up 12 prizes altogether!  We also had a lucky programme draw for a bottle of whisky.  Thanks to the P.T.A. who again worked really hard selling tickets and serving teas and coffees afterwards. Another successful Stannington First School event

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