Owls visit to Northumberlandia

When we got there everyone was really excited because we were the first members of the public to see Northumberlandia. First we had to go to Blagdon to learn about Blagdon’s history and about how all of the owners of the estate were called Matthew White-Ridley, we also found out why Northumberlandia was built. After that we got back on the bus to go to the Northumberlandia site. When we got through the wood we saw the sheer size of it. First we went to the ankle and worked our way up to the knee, then the hip. Mr Downer said that if we were really sensible and stuck together we could go up to the chest. We were sensible! After that we went down to the viewing hills. Luke found something that looked like Amber but it was just a lump of resin! Then we got back on the bus to go back to school. It was amazing!

Archie Pritchard

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