Numeracy pictures

Our school works towards ensuring that children will view mathematics with pleasure, develop a positive attitude through practical, oral and written activities. The children will learn the core skills of addition, subtraction, multiplaction and division and apply them through measuring, weighing, tell the time, use money, recognise 2d and 3d shapes and how to use numbers in many problem solving activities.

The children have at least 1 hour of maths teaching every day, with mental numeracy activities included within that time. Computers, interactive whiteboards and Roamers (beebots) are used throughout the school to help children with their understanding of numbers, data handling, problem solving, direction and computer control.

All children have access to a wide range of resources. Emphasis is placed initially on practical work and the language of Mathematics so foundations are laid for future learning.

Mental Maths plays a vital part in the children’s mathematical learning. Our aim is to enable pupils to perform number operations mentally with confidence and enthusiasm.

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