Stannington we are always looking to embed ICT across the curriculum.

Aims and purposes of ICT
The key aim is that IT teaching should offer opportunities for children to:
• develop IT capability, including their knowledge and understanding of the importance of information and of how to select and prepare it;
• develop their skills in using hardware and software to manipulate information in their processes of problem solving, recording and expressive work;
• develop their ability to apply their IT capability and ICT to support their use of language and communication, and their learning in other areas;
• explore their attitudes towards ICT, its value for themselves, others and society, and their awareness of its advantages and limitations.

Programmes of study
The use of ICT begins in the Nursery and continues throughout the school. The Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage includes ICT within the area of Knowledge and Understanding of the World. It describes how children should have opportunities to:

“Find out about and identify the uses of everyday technology and use information and communication technology and programmable toys to support their learning.”

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