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We are collecting bottle tops! Please hand them into the office.

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Stannington Green Team-pupil Voice from Stannington First School on Vimeo.

We are focusing on 4 main topics in school which are; Energy, Transport, Waste and the School Grounds.
The children are the driving force behind Eco Schools and we have 20 children on board this year! The children meet together with Miss Leybourne, Mr Tunesi and a governer on a termly basis to discuss our action plans and upcoming Eco dates.
With all the fantastic work we have undertaken, we have been awarded Bronze and Silver awards and we are now working towards achieving the prestigious Green Flag Award which symbolizes excellence in the field of environmental activity. Only a handful of schools in the country hold the Green Flag award.
Our Eco Council is made up of pupils, staff, parents, governors and members of the wider community.

                                 Our Eco-Code

eco schools code

Green Team Meetings

Green team meeting minutes 20 Sept 2015

Green team meeting minutes 9th Feb 2016

 April _2016

Green team meeting minutes November 2016

Green team meeting minutes 17th January 2017

Green team meeting March 2017

This Year we are focusing on 4 topics:

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Green Procurement Policy

Our Assemblies:


Weekly Waste

Green Day


This year has been very successful