Friday 14th September 3 p.m.

This morning I went to the pool in Morpeth with the children from Owls.  Their behaviour was superb throughout the morning, the bus driver even commented on how well mannered they all were.  Once we were all in the building the children got changed and were ready in double quick time.  The children listened to the safety talk and then heard what the fire alarm sounded like, after that they were ready for their assessment to see whether they were to swim in the shallow or the deep end – I was so impressed with how the children tried their best to swim the whole way across the pool.  Once in their appropriate group, the children had a super lesson, all listening and trying to do as they were asked.  It took us a little while longer to get changed back into school uniforms, after the lesson, but we now know what time we have to beat!  I am looking forward to watching the children improve their swimming skills over the next few months, and to us winning the Gala (if there is one!)

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