Big Write

What is Big Write?

Ros Wilson is the creator of the ‘Big Writing’ concept. She developed a way of teaching writing to children which focuses on four main aspects of writing – Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (VCOP).

Big Writing takes place for 1 hour per week in Years 1 and 2. We play classical music and on each table we place tea lights to help create a positive atmosphere during the writing session.

Each child has a ‘special’ writing pencil which they have chosen that they use for Big write only!

To help prepare the pupils for big write we use many strategies and methods during the weekly Literacy lessons.

Swift Enterprise day!

Year 1 and 2 will be holding their enterprise on Friday 27th April. The event will be open at 1:30 pm. All are welcome to come along and buy our wonderful comics or try and win prizes by participating in the many stalls we have to offer.

The pupils have been given £20 per class and have been set the challenge to make this grow!

Throughout the week we have been planning our activities and thinking of ways to advertise our event.

We have learned many skills that are needed to be successful in business:
Risk taking
Time management
ICT skills

We hope to see you on the day!

Enterprise Week Poster


In the EYFS classroom we have been reading lots of different fariy tales.

The children have baked a giant gingerbread man, but he escaped – Run, run as fast as you can! We followed clues to find him.