Year 3/4 Skipping Festival

Today, children in years 3 and 4 attended the Skipping Festival in Morpeth. Every member of the class competed in at least one event, against children from three other local schools and in front of lots of cheering spectators! They spent some time learning new skipping skills and also presented a skipping dance to all of the other children.

All of the Stannington children tried really hard and we were very proud of the effort which they put in – some of them even came back to school with certificates.

Well done!


Scooter training KS1

This month the children had the opportunity to practice their scooter handling skills. They learned how to stay safe and they all had a great time zooming in and out of cones!

Cricket lessons and After School Cricket

During the last 6 weeks James ( a specialist cricket coach) has been coming into school to coach Years 1-4 Cricket. We have really enjoyed the coaching sessions and all of the children have improved their catching, throwing and batting skills.

Cambo Fair 2013

On Saturday our Year 2 and 3 children participated in a football competition at Cambo. They played very well and managed to get into the final against Cambo. Stannington were fantastic and played some good football but narrowly missed out on taking first place. Well done!

Sports afternoon

Today the children had a P.E. afternoon. Mr D took KS1 and 2 outside to practice their athletic skills in preparation for our sports day later this year! The children learned lots of new skills and had a great time.
Police Dogs and Sports 005

Police Dogs and Sports 012

Police Dogs and Sports 017

Police Dogs and Sports 019

Police Dogs and Sports 024

Police Dogs and Sports 029

Police Dogs and Sports 027

Football Festival

Pupils in KS2 had great fun taking part in a football tournament at Chantry Middle School.  The  attitude and behaviour of everyone was superb which created a great team spirit. A big thank you to the PTA who funded the transport, and to all the parents who offered their help for this event.

Friday 14th September 3 p.m.

This morning I went to the pool in Morpeth with the children from Owls.  Their behaviour was superb throughout the morning, the bus driver even commented on how well mannered they all were.  Once we were all in the building the children got changed and were ready in double quick time.  The children listened to the safety talk and then heard what the fire alarm sounded like, after that they were ready for their assessment to see whether they were to swim in the shallow or the deep end – I was so impressed with how the children tried their best to swim the whole way across the pool.  Once in their appropriate group, the children had a super lesson, all listening and trying to do as they were asked.  It took us a little while longer to get changed back into school uniforms, after the lesson, but we now know what time we have to beat!  I am looking forward to watching the children improve their swimming skills over the next few months, and to us winning the Gala (if there is one!)