Head Teacher Awards 2015-2016


Finlay/Annabelle H

For using the neatest handwriting that Mr T has ever seen!

James T

For always producing neat work. His book is immaculate!

Joseph G

For his concentration and trying his best in all lessons.

Jessica F

For being brave and giving things a go.

Aysha Le

For writing in Ibraheem’s learning journal so Mrs Davies knows what Ibraheem likes to do at home.

Max R/Alfie T

For amazing cloakroom tidying.

Stephen Glennie

For some fantastic work in Maths working out different possible combinations of coins.



Finlay (Cedar class)

For being so helpful at After School Club. For doing our dishes every night this week and cleaning all the tables and benches.


For working really well with others during phonics, also she has been fab at learning her spellings.


For being ready to learn straight away – he has shown super listening ears!

Alfie (Oak class)

For being an enthusiastic helper around the classroom – what a star!

Lewis (Oak class)

For being more confident with his work and giving things a go.


For demonstrating all the apparatus in P.E. carefully and safely.


For persevering and learning to do her boots up all by herself.

Alfie (Willow class)

For working extremely hard in phonics and being ready to learn.


For settling in really well in Nursery.


For coming into Nursery every morning with a big smile on his face.



Jessica Halliday

For trying her very best in Numeracy, and for not giving up.

Anna Poole

For counting up in 2’s. Well done.

Jordan Leybourne

For giving fun things to do for the Year 1’s.

Nathanial Tate

For working well as part of a team during the challenge yesterday.

Annabelle Nicholson

For writing a wonderful retell of the Three Little Pigs.

Lizzie Gregory

For trying really hard to work more speedily.

Ella McFetrich and Ben Milligan

For some amazing Maths work, showing an amazing ability to work systematically.

Murray Gair

For working very hard to use your phonics in your writing.

Frankie Finney

For working very hard to use your phonics in your writing



Imogen Blewitt

For being an amazing helper to Mrs Brown.

Murray Gair

What a wonderful helper you are with the nursery children.

Patrick Leybourne

For being so kind and thoughtful to Elizabeth.

Tom Clark

For returning to school with a grown up attitude, showing enthusiasm for our Science work.

Mackenzie Thomson

For a great effort trying to improve the presentation of his work, especially in Maths.

Finlay Gair

For working very well and for showing super listening skills.




Natasha Poole

For working so beautifully with Heidi to decorate our class Christmas Tree.

Heidi Beale

For working so beautifully with Natasha to decorate our class Christmas Tree.

Ethan Fail

For singing and signing “Away in a Manger” so wonderfully.

Lily Went

A star worker in phonics and always does her best.

Iris Dungait

For using such neat writing. Well done.

Finley Taggart

For being a very busy elf, and for helping others.

Elizabeth Glennie

For learning to write the whole of her name



Today was a special assembly in recognition of the excellent work done by our school support staff for the ‘stars in our schools celebration day’.

Mrs H

For helping us when we are sick, teaching us new things and for some fantastic art and craft activities.

Mrs Gresham

For helping us to make sure that we get the right lunch and keeping our school organised.


For being the best caretaker ever, working very hard and making sure that our school stays clean.

Mrs Downie

For fantastic food and good cooking. She is the best cook ever and works very hard!

Mrs B

For organising great activities, good snacks, and being very kind.

Mrs Hancock

For being great fun, helpful, and organising fun games.


For making us our lunches. They are delicious, and for feeding Mr T.

Mrs Harker

For always printing out our work without complaining. Thank you for booking our school trips.

Mrs Mason

For helping us do our phonics and for always being generous!

Mrs Brown

For thinking of so many wonderful forest school activities and being happy to be outside even in the rain!

Miss S

For being a super teacher and Librarian. The Library is very beautiful!




Zac Hardy

For always coming into school with a great attitude and a big smile

Ethan Parker

For having a positive attitude towards Maths and working very hard

Leon Southerton

For showing some fantastic knowledge about castles. Well done!

Lexi Hodgson

For writing a super description of a castle

Victoria Hodgson

For her amazing knowledge of, and enthusiasm for our Roman Topic

Jack Pickford

For a massive improvement in the presentation of his work

Aidan Fawcett

For working so hard on his counting both in school and at home

Special Mention – Nursery

Well done to everyone in Nursery for trying so hard with dressing and undressing for P.E.

Freddie Carr

For being such a superstar in phonics

The School Council

Well done for counting all the Children in Need money at lunchtime last Friday



Pheobe Kilmurray

Always working hard and trying her best.

James Trotter

For always trying his best and for being very polite.

Alex Pickford

For a fantastic diary entry from the viewpoint of a WW1 soldier.

Alex Brooman

For always being ready to learn and trying her best during Maths.

Poppy Blewett

For her fantastic writing and remembering to always use punctuation

Louis Common

For amazing singing with the nursery group. What a beautiful voice you have Louis!

Lily Hardy

For working so hard in Forest School making an amazing fairy home.

Libby Kennedy

For working so hard in Forest School making an amazing fairy home 



6 November 2015

All the Green Team, Buddies and Playleaders

For doing their job so enthusiastically and consistently, even without being reminded.

Charlotte Holmes

For a fantastic effort in her work all of the time.

Lewis Byrne

For trying really hard to improve the presentation of his work.

Jacob Fail

For hard work and great improvement during keyboard lessons and sitting quietly on the carpet in class.

Ben Young

For being such a wonderful help to Mrs Davies in after school club

Freddie Carr

For being such a wonderful help to Mrs Davies in after school club

Natasha Poole

For learning to write her name so beautifully.

Harry Hague

For trying his best all week and producing super literacy work.

Caitlin Fearon

For being an excellent team leader when making Gruffalo habitats



16 October 2015

Joseph Gair

For working so hard at his Maths. Great number formation.

Lilleth Stewart

For her enthusiasm and hard working attitude.

Mackenzie Thomson

For writing a fantastic news report about the Gringott’s Bank break in.

Marlie-Bet Smith

For fantastic listening skills during the multi skills competition.

Aidan Fawcett

For a super ‘have a go’ attitude.


2 October 2015

Alex Pickford

For having a ‘can do’ attitude.

James Trotter

For always trying his best and for having neat handwriting.

Lilly Gray

For always producing amazing homework.

Ollie Beale

For always working hard and showing an eagerness to improve.

Scarlett Beveridge

For having a fantastic attitude during football.

Nathanial Tait

For showing impressive number skills in Maths

Murray Gair

For super problem solving skills in the secret garden and great perseverance.

Freya Pickford

For working so hard and having a go on all the balance bikes.


25 September 2015

Heidi Beale
For amazing resilience and ‘have a go’ attitude while making Stick Man in Forest School.

Sophie Vaughan
For super listening in phonics and fantastic looking skills.

Sam Beale
For being very brave and standing at the front in assembly and explaining the School Council to the whole school.

James Hails
For being really helpful around school, especially with the younger children.

Finley Taggart
For always being ready to learn and for showing good listening skills.

William Compson
For trying his best during phonics and for helping others with their sounds.

Isabel Rochester
For trying her best and producing excellent literacy work.




18 September 2015

Patrick Laybourne
For teaching all of reception and nursery lots of amazing new songs in Phonics.

Isla-Mae Downie
For trying her best in Maths. She was a star at number bonds.

Zac Hardy
For amazing tidying up of the community bricks. Super perseverance at a very tricky job.

George Thompson
For amazing tidying up of the community bricks. Super perseverance at a very tricky job.

Jude Finney
For coming to school all week with a great big smile on his face.

Francesca Finney
For being a very good partner while working in Forest School.

Amy Milligan
For leading her group well in a drama activity.

Elliott Fawcett
For a fantastic piece of writing pretending to be Dudley.

11 September 2015

Sam Brough
A very special bravery award and for finding help when he needed it.

Freddie Carr
For being brave and settling into Willow class

Ella McFetrich
For a fantastic attitude towards all of her work in school.

Aysha Le
For being very organised and for keeping her peg tidy.

Imogen Blewett
For being such a very helpful girl with all our new nursery children.

Natasha Poole
For being such a very brave girl when she fell and hurt her knee on the way to school.

Stephen Glennie
For being especially kind, helpful and polite around the classroom.

Ben Milligan
For being especially kind, helpful and polite around the classroom.

Amelia Lawson
For coming back to school with a really positive and hardworking attitude.

Ava Dragone
For being polite and kind to others.

William Hodgson
For showing fantastic counting skills in Maths!