Oak – Samba drumming

Throughout the Autumn term, children in Oak class spent an hour each week learning to play the Djembe drums with Mr Doyle. On Monday 11th January, they had their first session with the Samba drums – look our for details of their first performance!


Head Teachers Awards 08/01/2016


Imogen Blewitt

For being an amazing helper to Mrs Brown.

Murray Gair

What a wonderful helper you are with the nursery children.

Patrick Leybourne

For being so kind and thoughtful to Elizabeth.

Tom Clark

For returning to school with a grown up attitude, showing enthusiasm for our Science work.

Mackenzie Thomson

For a great effort trying to improve the presentation of his work, especially in Maths.

Finlay Gair

For working very well and for showing super listening skills.


Head Teachers Awards


Natasha Poole

For working so beautifully with Heidi to decorate our class Christmas Tree.

Heidi Beale

For working so beautifully with Natasha to decorate our class Christmas Tree.

Ethan Fail

For singing and signing “Away in a Manger” so wonderfully.

Lily Went

A star worker in phonics and always does her best.

Iris Dungait

For using such neat writing. Well done.

Finley Taggart

For being a very busy elf, and for helping others.

Elizabeth Glennie

For learning to write the whole of her name.


Head Teachers Awards – Special Assembly


Today was a special assembly in recognition of the excellent work done by our school support staff for the ‘stars in our schools celebration day’.

Mrs H

For helping us when we are sick, teaching us new things and for some fantastic art and craft activities.

Mrs Gresham

For helping us to make sure that we get the right lunch and keeping our school organised.


For being the best caretaker ever, working very hard and making sure that our school stays clean.

Mrs Downie

For fantastic food and good cooking. She is the best cook ever and works very hard!

Mrs B

For organising great activities, good snacks, and being very kind.

Mrs Hancock

For being great fun, helpful, and organising fun games.


For making us our lunches. They are delicious, and for feeding Mr T.

Mrs Harker

For always printing out our work without complaining. Thank you for booking our school trips.

Mrs Mason

For helping us do our phonics and for always being generous!

Mrs Brown

For thinking of so many wonderful forest school activities and being happy to be outside even in the rain!

Miss S

For being a super teacher and Librarian. The Library is very beautiful!