Head Teacher Awards



For their enthusiasm and hard work finding lots of European countries and capital cities – they even carried on during Golden Time!


For being so kind and caring to others this week – they are stars!


For being very respectful to a visitor when she was looking around our school.


For having neat handwriting and for writing a creative piece of writing.


For working very hard to remember all of his sounds.


For being ready to learn and trying hard with her letter shapes.




For coming up with fabulous ideas on how to make our airport security. scanner.


For volunteering to make signs for our airport.


For enthusiastically sharing your knowledge of airports and aeroplanes.

Lilly G

For some outstanding Maths homework.


For some great work on the Olympics.


For an improvement in his attitude to work.


For making progress in Maths.


For being keen and very creative when making see creatures.


For trying her best with addition using number lines



Abigail/Harry F/Emily

For having a go at our PE sports day activities. You had huge smiles on your faces all the time.


Super problem solving and persistence in the Secret Garden.


For going the extra mile with his Dinosaur research homework.

Lily W

For being very reliable and a great role model in class to Reception.

Freddie C

Mrs B and Mrs Hancock are so proud of Freddie for reminding us of his allergy, which meant he could not have his snack on Wednesday night but Freddie was so grown up about it and was happy to have something else.

James T

For trying so hard to improve his handwriting and writing skills. Well done.


Throughout this term she has been such a super star! Well done.

Isla N

What a superstar. You put your Forest School suit on without any help.

Ruby T

For always helping and having a great attitude



For fabulous role play as a doctor. Mrs Davies was very well looked after.


For problem solving transporting water in the secret garden.


For being a supportive and encouraging team mate in sport activities.


For some great maths work.


For putting lots of effort into the football lesson.


For an improved attitude to work during lessons.


For his sporting prowess in cricket! His batting skills freed his team from jail!


Labelling a dinosaur and using his phonic writing skills.


Reading ‘Dino-egg’ and answering all my hard questions afterwards.




For helping Abigail get her coat. You were very kind and helpful.

Harry L

For doing terrific homework about telling the time.

William C

For adding totals of up to £5.

Ben M

For his kind and caring attitude towards others around school, all of the time.


For some fabulous work reversing directions and working out some which were missing.

Aysha Le

For super writing.


For neater and quicker writing.

Ethan P

For super spellings and a wonderful sentence.




For a super effort at swimming last week. She got on without any fussing and was really brave, even doing lots of things for the first time.

Ollie B/Ella

For a super attitude, great enthusiasm and lovely manners in orienteering.

Scarlett B

For fluent expressive reading I could have listened all day to.

Nathanial/Alex B

Counting and recounting 5p coins to make 150!

Freddie R

For being fab in Maths, super sorting of numbers.

Jacob F

For working hard in Maths and sorting objects on the computer.


For super writing ideas about the enormous crocodile.


For being so patient in Forest School when you were the last person to cook your toast on the fire.

Isla N

Trying really hard in P.E. to throw and catch the ball.

Harry F

For coming into school with a lovely big smile.

Charlie H/Harry W

For great problem solving and perseverance in our secret garden when constructing a safari tent.


For great perseverance and problem solving when finding a solution to securing our tent.




For writing a brilliant letter to Grandad Siril on is island.

Charlotte B

For settling into Willow class well and being very keen to learn.

Alex P

For working really well at all times.


For sorting shapes, well done.


For some brilliant topic work and having a positive attitude for all lessons.


For some brilliant topic work as well as being very helpful throughout the week.


What a very grown up boy. You found a very important piece of equipment on the nature trail and brought it straight to Mrs Davis.


Wow, your first ever P.E. lesson and you got dressed and undressed all by yourselves.

Mrs Davis Phonics group

For all trying so hard on your first ever spelling test. Yippee!




For working hard in big write.


For overcoming her fears in skipping.

Amelia/James (Special mention to the whole class for being supportive to their team mates)

Amazing batting skills in cricket – scoring a huge amount of runs!


Well done Murray, you remembered to put finger spaces in your writing.


For some great English work, as well as successfully including her target.


For being such a good help. Also, he has caught up with all his work.


For super writing.


Jack C

For settling in really well and working hard.

Finlay G

Super writing skills. They used speech within their writing.

Lily W

For trying her best and practising her maths work at home.


For being eager to impress with his superb reading skills.

Isla F

For some great work answering questions about what she’d read.


For being a kind and helpful person whatever the time and whatever the weather!


For some great maths work on triangles.


For looking after our new starters wonderfully and finding a teacher when needed.


For being an amazing help with our new nursery children.


Winner of our kindness cape. What a wonderful example to all the children in school.




Zac H

For having brilliant manners at all times.

Freddie C

For trying his best and working very hard with the Year 1’s.

Max R

What a kind boy! Max welcomed Jack and Lula to our school and looked after them in the morning.

Leon S

Leon has been such a star! He has made vast improvements in his writing, well done!


For showing super Maths skills.

Amelia L

Perseverence in writing, impressed with her effort in writing detailed and descriptive paragraphs.

Lizzie G/Ella McF

Impressive dribbling skills in P.E.

Lewis B

Winner of our kindness cape, for being such a lovely friend to our younger nursery.




For showing excellent mental Maths skills. She has been a star!


For continuously trying to improve his handwriting.

Annabelle N

For exceptional literacy work and trying her best.

Libby K

For constantly trying her best in phonics.

Ethan P

For showing lots of effort in phonics with Mrs B.

Sam B/Murray G

For using your phonics to write super labels for our garden centre.

Heidi B

For creating a fabulous menu for our garden centre café.

Alex B

For trying very hard to dress and undress independently for P.E.

James W

For his enthusiasm around school

Evie H

For working really hard to improve the spelling of her written work



William H

For trying his best to check his writing and use punctuation correctly.

Ava D

For trying to set out her Maths work as neatly as possible.

Charlotte H/Lilleth S

For fantastic work in Maths using a written method for multiplication.

Grace K

What a wonderful kind friend to our younger Nursery

Amelie S

For being a very kind, caring and sensible year 4, setting a great example to others.

Scarlett B

For her hard work in phonics and writing a fantastic letter to the vampire.

Sienna H

For staying on task and getting to the carpet quickly, ready to learn.

Poppy B

For having a super attitude towards her homework.


Elizabeth G

For showing super counting skills in Maths

Joseph G

For a fantastic attitude in Forest School, and working hard at all times.

Finlay G

For being a good leader when making the mini beast hotel

Jacob F

For helping others during Forest School

Frankie F

For amazing holiday homework

Natasha P

For a super effort in number work with Mrs B

Charlie H

For helping his friends to zip up their coats without being asked



All children in school

For much improved cleanliness of the toilets.

Isla F

For some great Maths work, adding coins!

Ruby T

For her enthusiasm, hard work and kindness all of the time.

Max R/Amy M

For being great leaders and ensuring that everyone on the Green Team is working hard.

Rowan Class

For such an amazing class assembly. You are all superstars.

Mrs Stokoe

For keeping the school organised






Date Name Reason for Award
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Head Teacher Awards 15/01/2016


Jessica Halliday

For trying her very best in Numeracy, and for not giving up.

Anna Poole

For counting up in 2’s. Well done.

Jordan Leybourne

For giving fun things to do for the Year 1’s.

Nathanial Tate

For working well as part of a team during the challenge yesterday.

Annabelle Nicholson

For writing a wonderful retell of the Three Little Pigs.

Lizzie Gregory

For trying really hard to work more speedily.

Ella McFetrich and Ben Milligan

For some amazing Maths work, showing an amazing ability to work systematically.

Murray Gair

For working very hard to use your phonics in your writing.

Frankie Finney

For working very hard to use your phonics in your writing