Forest School – building motte and bailey castles

In History we have been learning all about Motte and Bailey castles. We then made our own Motte and Bailey castles during Forest School.

Pirate Fun

We have been doing lots of fun Pirate themed activities during Forest School. We have made pirate ships using logs, thrown cannon balls made of mud and learned how to tie knots !

Eco Activities

We started the day with an Eco assembly. Lorna came in to tell us about recycling and tell the whole school what we could all do to help make our environment a better place!
We had lots of fun learning about recycling, what goes into the recycling bins and what doesn’t! We also got the opportunity to reuse plastic bags and weaved them together on the fences to make fantastic pictures. In the garden we planted vegetables and herbs. We also had the chance to create artwork using litter and make signs asking people to turn off lights and taps! A few children made eco pledges on wooden discs, they pledged to turn off lights, turn off taps and recycle materials etc… The children who are learning guitar learned a recycling song and Mrs Davis turned used milk cartons into wonderful pencil pots.

‘I’ve had the best day ever!’ (Alfie KS1)

‘I got to learn about composting and that we should recycle things to make them new.’ (Max KS1)

Thank you to all the parents who kindley donated all of their plastic bags.

Spring term

During Forest School we have been making spider webs and we went on a hunt for Easter eggs!

Fun in the snow!

KS1 enjoyed making ice sculptures and ice art in the snow during Forest School. We also had hot chocolate and played in the snow!

Dinosaur Den building!

Despite the heavy rain, the Year 1 and 2 childen enjoyed making mini dens for their dinosaurs!