The Stannington Curriculum

The Stannington Curriculum

At Stannington First School we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and the New Primary National Curriculum 2014. We also have a focus on outdoor learning through our Forest School. The children also have access to all the wonderful opportunities offered through our Squirrels Before and After School Club…there is always something exciting happening at Stannington!

Long Term Plans are readily available on the links below and Medium Term planning will be added every half term. Regular updates about what the children are doing will be shared through year group newsletters, meetings, workshops and information sharing with parents and carers and through our weekly school newsletter every Thursday.

As ever, if you have any further questions about our curriculum or how you can further support your child at home, please do get in touch.

Crime scene!

Last week we had a mysterious visitor in our classroom. They came in during the night and ate some porridge and broke some chairs! Can you guess who it was?

We looked at the clues they left behind and jotted down lots of questions into our ‘police’ notebooks.

Phonics Parental Workshop

Thank you to  those who attended Mrs Bolam and Mrs Davis’ Parental Phonics Workshop on Wednesday evening. You can view the presentation and access links to other resources and videos via the presentation below. Phonics Info Evening help 2014

Dino posters

In Literacy we have been looking at Information texts. We researched dinosaurs by looking for information on the internet and in books. We made a poster and then presented it to the whole class.

Big Write

What is Big Write?

Ros Wilson is the creator of the ‘Big Writing’ concept. She developed a way of teaching writing to children which focuses on four main aspects of writing – Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (VCOP).

Big Writing takes place for 1 hour per week in Years 1 and 2. We play classical music and on each table we place tea lights to help create a positive atmosphere during the writing session.

Each child has a ‘special’ writing pencil which they have chosen that they use for Big write only!

To help prepare the pupils for big write we use many strategies and methods during the weekly Literacy lessons.