Oak – Samba drumming

Throughout the Autumn term, children in Oak class spent an hour each week learning to play the Djembe drums with Mr Doyle. On Monday 11th January, they had their first session with the Samba drums – look our for details of their first performance!


Viking Clothes

On Monday we had great fun learning about Viking clothing. We all had a chance to dress up and experience the lovely itchyness of hand weaved wool garments.

Word Pictures

Having looked at some cool photos created  on an app, OWLS had a go at creating some word pictures. The key details of each picture were drawn using really creative sentences linked to our topic of Vikings. We then added some colour with water paints and coloured pencils.


Maths Measurement

Following on from some work in Literacy, OWLS went outside today to investigate who whould be quick enough to escape from ‘The Monster’! We estimated and measured distances, then measured the time taken to run away from the monster. If you took too long you were eaten! Later on we went back inside and drew some pictograms.

OWLS: Self Portraits – Pencil Drawing Skills

We have learnt about the proportions of a face … did you know your head was 5 eyes wide? We have also practiced our drawing and pencil shading techniques.