Great fire of London work

KS1 have been looking at the Great fire of London. We painted fantastic landscape pictures of London on fire and drew Tudor houses.

We made Tudor houses and then placed them next to each other to make streets. We then set the houses on fire and recreated the fire of London. The fire spread very quickly!

Topic work

This week we have been working very hard! We have been making dinosaur eggs, fossils, flicker books, filming animations and drawing fossil pictures using charcoal.

Dinosaur homes!

Today we have been building shelters for our dinosaurs. We worked as a team to build our shelters. We then went around the class looking at other group’s shelters and asked questions about them.

Dino posters

In Literacy we have been looking at Information texts. We researched dinosaurs by looking for information on the internet and in books. We made a poster and then presented it to the whole class.

Dinosaur Topic web

This term we will be looking at Dinosaurs!

We found dinosaur footprints and eggs in our school playground. We then made paintings and collages of what the dinosaur may have looked liked.

Dinosaur Topic Web

Balloon car racing!