Waste initiative

At Stannington, one of our aims is to reduce our waste. In the past we have provided paper bins to help recycle paper, reduced the amount of paper we use in lessons and provide electronic versions of documents/letters.

This year we are trying to reduce the amount of food waste during snack times and lunch times.  Below is a weekly chart of how much food is being wasted. We will monitor the amount and then during our next Green Team meeting we will think of ways to reduce it.

Weekly waste chart

Bottle Green House

The bottle green house is now well under way but we still need your help. We need your bottles! The children have been busy building and working out how many more bottles we need.


Green Team News – Autumn 2014

Autumn term

The Green team have had a busy start to the school year. We have been continuing to encourage our friends to put paper and card into the green recycle bins, turning off lights and computers when we are not using them and always turning off taps after washing hands!   We have also been picking up rubbish from the nature trail and yard but also encouraging our friends to put their rubbish in the bins.

Christmas Cards

To help the environment, this Christmas the Green team have a special request.  Instead of spending lots of money on Christmas cards and sending individual cards to all of your friends in school, could you only send 1 card to the whole school? If you wish, you could make a donation of food, biscuits or chews and this will be donated to the local cat and dog shelter.

Thank you

‘The Green Team’


The Green Team have worked really hard this year and have continuously strived to help improve the school. As a reward for all of their efforts they got to go to a local restaurant and enjoy some delicious slices of pizza!

green team pizza 2 green team pizza green team pizza 1