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HelenMrs Stokoe picWe are all very proud of Stannington and hope that our website will provide you with the information you need about the school, a small insight into its life and the enriched curriculum we deliver to the children. Education is a vitally important process and it is right that you should try to find out more about the opportunities and resources that are available for your children. As you browse through this web site I hope that you will learn about the philosophy of our school. You will see that our concern for children means providing them with a stable, secure and disciplined environment, where academic, personal and social potential may be achieved in preparation for the journey into the adult world. We have an excellent team of staff who work incredibly hard to ensure that the children receive a first class education. We treat every child as an individual and strive to help them to reach their personal potential in terms of social, physical, emotional, academic, spiritual, moral and cultural development. We provide the children with a broad range of opportunities and experiences within a safe, stimulating and friendly learning environment. We believe that each child should receive a wide range of experiences so that they leave us as self-motivated and self-disciplined lifelong learners who are tolerant, balanced and caring individuals with a love for learning. The success of all our children depends to a large extent on the partnership between home and school.  Every child needs our joint support in order to achieve his or her best.  We hope that the years spent with us will be happy ones for your child. We are always content to let the school speak for itself when parents and prospective pupils visit us. Mrs Helen Stokoe – Headteacher

Assembly in Church

This afternoon the children and staff went to St Mary’s Church for our monthly assembly.  Rev Catherine was there to meet us and she told us the story of Samuel in the temple.  Lilleth, Harry and Max helped her by acting out the parts of God, Samuel and Eli.

Locally Sourced Lunch

Today Jane started the first of our locally sourced lunches.  The children and staff had a delicious lunch of roast gammon, potatoes and carrots supplied by the Moorhouse Farm Shop and the dessert was ice cream from The Parlour in Stannington.  We are hoping to make these lunches a monthly occurrence.

New Toddler Group – Stannington Tree Tots

There is now a new toddler group that meets in our Early Years Building – Stannington Tree Tots.  The afternoon is full of singing, activities, making new friendships and refreshments.  The group is run by Mrs Aimee Brown along with Louise Summers, Bev Raimes and Jenny Kennedy, if you would like any further information please contact them via the school office.

Pupil Premium 2013-14

Stannington First School Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

In 2011-12 schools were allocated Pupil Premium funding for children from low income families who were eligible for free school meals or had been looked after continuously for more than six months.  From April 2012 the pupil Premium was extended to include children who had been eligible for for free school meals at any point during the last six years.  A premium has also been introduced for children whose parents are currently serving in the Armed Forces.  The level of premium set for 2011-12 was £488 per pupil for pupils eligible for Free School Meals and for pupils in care who had been continuously looked after for six months.  It increased to £600 per Pupil for 2012-13.  Eligibilty for the Pupil Premium for 2012-13 has also been extended to pupils who have been eligible for free school meals at any point during the last six years (known as the Ever 6 Free School Meals Measure).  Pupil Premium allowance will be £900 per pupil this year (2013) and the Armed Force allowance is £300.


What is our allocation and how do we spend it?

In 2012-13 we received £1204 Pupil Premium.  We used it to target specific children (Free School Meals) in order to narrow any gap between them and their peers.  We used some funding to fund ReadWrite Inc. materials (£236) and training; it was also used to support the children’s understanding of reading and writing across the curriculum, and it has been introduced as a resource for children throughout the school.

In 2013-14 we will receive £900 in Pupil Premium and £300 in Armed Force funding.  This will be spent on Teaching Assistant time to provide 1:1 and small intervention group support, more Read Write Inc. resources (£225) and the introduction of Mathematical support materials and intervention.  We will also be providing financial support to those children in low income families who wish to attend our residential visit later in the year.

We are, of course, monitoring performance of pupil premium children continuously and will adapt our provision according to their individual needs on an on-going basis.

Any Questions?

Should you wish to discuss Pupil Premium further or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Head Teacher.