Head Teacher Awards


Finlay/Annabelle H

For using the neatest handwriting that Mr T has ever seen!

James T

For always producing neat work. His book is immaculate!

Joseph G

For his concentration and trying his best in all lessons.

Jessica F

For being brave and giving things a go.

Aysha Le

For writing in Ibraheem’s learning journal so Mrs Davies knows what Ibraheem likes to do at home.

Max R/Alfie T

For amazing cloakroom tidying.

Stephen Glennie

For some fantastic work in Maths working out different possible combinations of coins.


Jane’s Top Table

Each week our cook Jane selects children who have shown excellent manners at mealtimes and as a reward they are chosen to sit on the top table for lunch.


Year 1   –   Annabelle N/Nathaniel T

Year 2   –   Annabelle H

Year 4   –   Ruby T